Landscaper Openings with Work Permit Visa Sponsorship from Gardening Companies Across Canada

Gardening and landscaping are booming industries across Canada, and many companies are struggling to find qualified laborers to fill open positions. If you have experience in landscape construction, hardscaping, planting, maintenance or equipment operation, there may be opportunities for you to immigrate to Canada through one of the Temporary Foreign Worker Programs. 

Why are Canadian Gardening Companies Seeking Foreign Workers?

Canada has a very strong economy that is still growing, especially in industries like construction, agriculture and natural resources extraction. This positive economic climate has led to low unemployment rates, meaning there is high competition among employers for local skilled talent. At the same time, an aging population and low birth rates mean fewer young Canadians are entering the workforce each year.

Gardening companies in particular have struggled to find enough qualified Canadians to fill their open positions. Many Canadians do not view landscaping as a stable, long-term career and may be dissuaded by the physical labor involved or seasons of outdoor work. Additionally, horticulture training programs at colleges have seen declining enrollment.

All of these factors have compelled landscaping businesses to look outside Canada for skilled foreign talent. By sponsoring temporary foreign workers, companies are opened to a good number of candidates with the required experience and training for roles that would otherwise remain vacant. It is a win-win scenario that meets business needs while giving immigrants a pathway to working in Canada.

Types of Landscaping Jobs Available with Work Permits

Foreign workers can qualify for a Canadian work permit under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) or the International Mobility Program (IMP) for the following common landscaping roles:

  • Landscape Construction Laborers: Install landscape materials like sod, trees, shrubs, pavers and walls. Perform excavation, grading, and other groundwork.
  • Landscape Gardeners: Plant, cultivate and harvest ornamental plants and flowers. Maintain beds, lawns and gardens through weeding, pruning, fertilizing and pest control.
  • Grounds Maintenance Workers: Responsible for the upkeep of large properties through tasks like mowing, edging, trimming, leaf/debris removal, and snow clearing.
  • Nursery and Greenhouse Workers: Propagate, grow and harvest plants in nurseries or greenhouses. May also be involved in plant quality control, packaging and inventory monitoring.
  • Landscape Equipment Operators: Safely operate vehicles and machinery like tractors, excavators, skid steers, dump trucks, and sod cutters/layers for landscaping projects. Require commercial driver’s licenses.
  • Landscape Designers/Project Managers: Create landscape plans and oversee their installation according to client needs/budgets. Supervise crews, submit estimates, purchase materials and ensure quality/safety standards.

To qualify for these jobs and work permits, foreign workers typically need post-secondary education in horticulture, land management, or a relevant field, plus 2-5 years of paid work experience. Proficiency in English or French is also assessed depending on the job duties.

Examples of Landscaping Companies Offering Work Permits

There are many established landscaping firms located across Canada looking to sponsor skilled foreign workers for open positions. Here are a few major companies to consider applying with:

BrightView Landscape Canada (Vancouver, BC)

BrightView is one of the largest commercial landscape services providers in North America, with over 20 locations nationwide. They have sponsored foreign workers through the IMP in the past for supervisory and labor roles in Vancouver. Current openings list landscaping designers, irrigation technicians, and equipment operators.

Green landscape Construction (Calgary, AB)

As a top Calgary landscape contractor, Greenlandscape has significant demand for landscape installers and gardeners, especially during spring/summer months. They actively recruit experienced foreign candidates for full-time positions which come with work permit sponsorship through the TFWP.

Melisende Landscape (Toronto, ON)

This award-winning landscape architecture and contracting company serves the Greater Toronto Area. They sponsor foreign workers under the IMP, typically seeking foremen, project managers and skilled operators proficient with heavy machinery. Proficiency in English is required.

Les Jardins du Qu├ębec (Montreal, QC)

One of Quebec’s largest privately-owned landscaping firms, Les Jardins employs over 300 people during peak season. They offer work permits for landscapers, gardeners, groundskeepers, and nursery staff through the provincial Nominee Program. French language skills are preferred.

C.A. Barker Landscaping (Halifax, NS)

Established in 1955, C.A. Barker provides full-service commercial and residential landscaping across Atlantic Canada. Crews based in Halifax and other Nova Scotia cities assist foreign workers in obtaining work permits for supervisory roles such as project coordinators, as well as landscape laborers.

Garden Wise Landscaping (Edmonton, AB)

Specializing in landscape installation, maintenance, and snow removal, Garden Wise has operated in Edmonton for over 25 years. The company regularly recruits foreign workers as gardeners and equipment operators through the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, which leads to permanent residency.

Island Landscapes (Victoria, BC)

With a local focus on sustainable landscaping design and maintenance, Island Landscapes sponsors experienced foreign horticulturists, gardeners, and project supervisors through the BC Provincial Nominee Program. English proficiency is required.

These represent just a small sample of gardening businesses across Canada actively recruiting foreign workers. Do your research to identify other reputable companies near you that may offer work permit sponsorship for landscaping roles. Connecting directly with their international recruitment teams can increase your chances of securing an opportunity.

The Application and Work Permit Approval Process

If you find an open position with a landscaping employer willing to sponsor your work permit, here are the typical steps to apply and get approved:

  1. Employer Job Offer: The company will provide a formal job offer letter outlining the salary, duties, and duration of employment.
  2. LMIA Application: The employer applies to Employment and Social Development Canada for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), proving there are no Canadian citizens available for the job.
  3. Work Permit Application: Using the positive LMIA, you submit an online application for a temporary work permit under the appropriate program (e.g., TFWP, IMP, PNP).
  4. Medical Exam: An offshore medical exam is required to demonstrate you meet the health/vaccination requirements of the Immigration Medical Examination Instructions.
  5. Police Certificates: You must provide police clearance certificates from each country where you lived for 6+ months in the past 10 years.
  6. Language Testing: IELTS or CELPIP exams may be needed to validate your English/French language ability depending on the role.
  7. Interview: You can expect an interview with Canadian immigration officials via webcam to assess your eligibility and verify documents/intentions.
  8. Work Permit Approval: If all criteria are met, a temporary work permit is typically issued within 6-8 months of application.

Once in Canada, foreign landscaping workers are permitted to work solely for their sponsoring employer in their authorized job. Work permits are initially granted for 1-2 years and may be renewed based on continued employment. After gaining sufficient work experience, some pathways also enable applying for permanent residency.

Keys to Succeeding with a Canadian Landscaping Work Permit

To maximize your chances of obtaining and thriving with a landscaping work permit in Canada, consider the following tips:

  • Pursue roles that match your qualifications to the highest degree rather than settling for any job offer. Target larger, reputable employers.
  • Have your foreign education and/or trade certificates evaluated by a Canadian organization if required to obtain equivalency to Canadian standards.
  • Supplement your work history with relevant certificates, like landscaping software, equipment operation, pesticide application, first aid/CPR, etc.
  • Polish your English language abilities as much as possible through practice, lessons, or workshops in advance of testing.
  • Research duties, climate, and other factors to realistically manage expectations for work conditions across Canada’s diverse regions.
  • Resolve any potential issues with your background check (e.g. address discrepancies, minor infractions) before applying to avoid delays.
  • Build connections within industry associations, on social media, and through prospective companies’ employee referral programs.
  • Leverage government support services once in Canada to help integrate professionally through networking, coaching, or additional training as needed.
Landscaper Openings with Work Permit Visa Sponsorship from Gardening Companies Across Canada
Landscaper Openings with Work Permit Visa Sponsorship from Gardening Companies Across Canada

Landscaping can lead to permanent residence and national integration for foreign workers willing to embrace the opportunities and challenges of working in Canada. With thorough preparation and strong job performance, sponsored landscaping roles provide a viable pathway to successful immigration outcomes.


Here are some top employers landscaping companies in Canada accepting foreign worker applications, along with applicable links to explore job opportunities and begin the visa sponsorship process:

I would encourage exploring company websites thoroughly for guidance on requirements, filling out online application forms completely, and following up proactively through normal channels if you don’t receive a timely response. Highlighting relevant skills and experience will help your profile stand out among other candidates. Best of luck with your pursuit of new opportunities in the Canadian landscaping industry!

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