Mailroom assistant jobs with training visa sponsorship from postal services across the UK

Mailrooms play a crucial role in facilitating communication within organizations across various industries. They require dedicated staff who are well-versed in proper sorting, delivery, and tracking of mail and packages. If you are someone looking to gain experience in the logistics and postal sector in the UK, mailroom assistant jobs could be a great option for you.

Royal Mail – opportunities for overseas candidates

Royal Mail is the designated universal postal service provider in the UK. As one of the largest employers in the country, it offers various careers across mail centers, delivery offices, and administration. Their internship and trainee programs welcome overseas applicants seeking work visas.

Mailroom assistant internship

The 9-month paid internship gives an overview of mail processing and distribution operations. Interns are trained in essential tasks like sorting letters and parcels by destination, loading/unloading mail sacks, monitoring conveyor lines, and assisting delivery drivers.

Training is provided on both practical skills and Royal Mail’s procedures, policies, and health and safety norms. At the end, interns receive a certificate from their accredited training provider.

Eligibility and sponsorship

Candidates must hold the right to work in the UK. Royal Mail will sponsor eligible overseas nationals on a Tier 5 Youth Mobility or Tier 2 General work visa.

Applicants need a valid passport, proof of English language ability at B1 level, and academic qualification equivalent to UK A-levels. A clean background check is mandatory.

Application procedure

Internships are advertised quarterly on the Royal Mail careers portal and international job sites. Applications involve submitting a CV and cover letter highlighting suitability and visa status.

Shortlisted candidates go through aptitude tests, phone interviews, and assessment days before selection. Successful interns get full relocation assistance to the UK processing hub.

Rights and responsibilities

Sponsored interns are paid the National Minimum Wage and get standard employee benefits after 3 months of continuous employment. They are liable to follow all organizational policies and health & safety protocols. Interns must update Royal Mail about any changes in their visa or immigration status.

At the end of the internship, high performers can be considered for full-time mailroom assistant roles with continued visa sponsorship under Tier 2. This is subject to roles being available in their processing location.

An Post – mail assistant placement in Ireland

An Post is the national postal service provider of Ireland, operating mail and package delivery networks across the island. Its international graduate program recruits mail assistants from overseas each year.

Training placement overview

The 12-month paid placement equips participants with operational, administrative, and customer service skills through structured on-the-job and off-the-job training.

Trainees are rotated through different postal facilities and functions like mail center processing, transportation logistics, customer service counters, and delivery rounds. The well-rounded experience prepares them for professional roles in the logistics sector globally.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must hold a primary degree in business, engineering, transport, or a related field from a recognized university. Prior internships or part-time jobs in logistics add advantages.

Language skills of at least B2 level in English are expected along with valid work authorization for Ireland under an academic visa or graduate visa. Candidates go through psychometric testing and interviews.

Visa sponsorship

An Post facilitates one-year renewable working visas under the Critical Skills Employment Permit scheme for non-EU graduates selected for the program. This allows participation from overseas study backgrounds.

Application process

Details of the annual intake are published before June each year. Candidates register their interest by creating an online profile on An Post’s recruitment portal and uploading relevant documents and resumes by the deadline. Strict timelines are followed.

Shortlisted applicants are informed to undertake further screening that may involve video conferencing or campus visits in certain cases. Successful candidates sign training agreements before visa processing starts.

Rights and responsibilities

Trainees earn a monthly stipend throughout the placement period. They get comprehensive onboarding and regular performance evaluations. Hostel accommodation support near major postal centers is offered.

Participants are bound by An Post’s code of conduct and safety norms and must complete all modules of the structured training curriculum to receive certificates. Any violation may lead to the termination of the agreement and sponsorship.

On successful completion, graduates can apply for full-time career roles within An Post or partner organizations with continued sponsorship under the critical skills permit for two years. This provides a pathway into permanent residence in Ireland over time.

Parcelforce Worldwide – handlers in major UK depots

Parcelforce Worldwide handles domestic and international parcel delivery services for the UK. Its network of strategically located depots employs package handlers on a rolling basis.

Package handling roles overview

These entry-level opportunities involve sorting, scanning, and transporting parcels of varying sizes using conveyor belts and trolleys. Physical stamina and ability to work safely at a fast pace are key must-haves for the role.

Employees undergo on-the-job training with experienced colleagues and supervisors on procedures, machinery operation, and record-keeping over a period of 3-6 months. Roles can lead to career progression as supervisory positions open up.

Eligibility and support

Parcelforce considers applications from both EU/EEA and overseas job seekers. Individuals must have the legal right to work in the UK based on their nationality or existing UK visa status.

The company provides sponsorship under Tier 2 visas to graduates and skilled workers. Candidates need English skills at the B1 level and a clean background check. Academic qualifications are not essential, though preferred.

Application process

Vacancies are constantly posted on the company website and job portals. Online submissions involve uploading a resume along with details of your present UK visa, English test scores if applicable, and contact references.

Shortlisted candidates attend interviews either in person or over video conferencing. Upon selection, individuals undergo health screening and background verification before the visa process commences.

Rights and benefits

All employees including visa-sponsored ones earn at least a National Living Wage. Benefits include 28 vacation days, medical insurance, pension contributions, and a staff discount on Parcelforce shipments.

Performance-linked pay increments, on-job training, and career progression opportunities open up after 6 months of satisfactory employment. Strict attendance and conduct policies need to be followed.

UK Mail – London processing hub openings

UK Mail manages nationwide mail transport and delivers to 20 million UK addresses daily from its state-of-the-art London facility. They recruit mail handlers under Tier 2 intra-company transfer visas.

Mail handling overview

Successful candidates assist teams in sorting incoming and outgoing mailstreams using barcode scanners at high speeds. Physical stamina is required for safely loading/unloading mail bags from trucks and containers.

On-the-job training equips new hires with technical skills to operate machinery, follow health & safety procedures, and work efficiently as part of a team over six months. Career progression is possible into supervisory and management positions.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must currently hold valid visas permitting work for UK Mail’s parent company or group firms outside the UK. Possession of relevant skillset is reviewed case-by-case.

Candidates go through selection involving psychometric tests, document verification, and interviews conducted remotely or at the London hub. Strong empathy, adaptability, and ability to work shifts are desirable qualities.

Rights and visa process

UK Mail offers sponsorship under the Intra-Company Transfer Tier 2 visa route valid for three years initially. Individuals are paid wages and benefits equivalent to those of their UK counterparts.

Caregiver Jobs with Employer Sponsorship in Homes in Australia

The company handles British visa applications and guides employees through orientation regarding policies, procedures, and internal systems upon joining. Participants gain valuable exposure working for a leading logistics company.

Applying for mail room assistant jobs

We have explored some major training and visa sponsorship opportunities across the UK postal sector. To apply for relevant openings, use these guidelines:

  • Regularly check official websites like,, and for current vacancies
  • Meet basic eligibility norms regarding academic background, language skills, and right to work in the country
  • Customize your CV highlighting qualifications, skills, and experience relevant to the job role
  • Write a tailored cover letter explaining your passion for logistics and interest in the training/internship program
  • Prepare for selection steps like assessments and interviews demonstrating strong communication and problem-solving abilities
  • Gather all required documents in advance like educational certificates, passport, English proficiency test scores
  • Apply well in advance of deadlines to allow time for processing long-term UK work visas along with sponsorship
  • Follow up with hiring teams and keep skills updated through online courses if currently ineligible

With determination and the right preparation, these opportunities can help you gain valuable experience working in professional UK mail rooms with future career prospects. Commitment to learning on the job is key to maximizing the benefits of sponsorship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of these training programs or internships?

The Royal Mail mail room internship is for nine months, An Post graduate placement is 12 months long, while on-job training at Parcelforce and UK Mail typically spans 3-6 months.

Do I need to have previous work experience in mail rooms?

While prior experience would be an advantage, most employers provide comprehensive on-site training and do not insist on previous relevant work experience for entry-level roles. The focus should be on transferable skills.

What is the minimum education level required?

For Royal Mail and Parcelforce, a high school diploma or equivalent is sufficient. An Post prefers candidates with a bachelor’s degree while UK Mail also considers degree-holders for intra-company transfers.

Do I need to know the local language fluently?

English language proficiency at the B1 level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, is mandatory across boards. Fluency is not needed at entry level, but language skills will need continual upgrades.

How do I obtain a Tier 2 or Tier 5 visa for these jobs?

Employers assist with and sponsor the relevant UK visa application if you are selected. You will need to furnish documents as per Home Office guidelines and pay an immigration health surcharge as applicable. Sponsors guide the process.

Are there opportunities to get a job in the UK after training completion?

Yes, high performers stand a chance of being retained for full-time regular roles with continued sponsorship support. Some employers may also help find relevant openings elsewhere in the UK under the training acquired once the existing sponsorship tenure ends.

What are the typical work hours and wages?

Mailroom jobs involve shift work, including nights and weekends, based on business needs. Wages start at National Minimum/Living Wage levels but increase with training and experience. Standard benefits include paid leave, pension, health insurance, etc., as per UK employment laws.


Ready to start your career in the UK postal industry? Here is a direct link to apply for relevant training and job opportunities we discussed:

Be sure to create a profile on company portals, regularly check for new postings and carefully read eligibility requirements and selection process details. You can also subscribe to mailing lists to keep updated on future intakes.

Connect with recruiters on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn to learn about additional opportunities or express interest in particular openings. Best of luck with your application and visa process! Let me know if any other questions come up.

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