More protests have erupted outside a Vue cinema in Westfield Stratford City from furious Muslims who are angry at a ‘blasphemous’ Islamic film being screened

We want this film taken down incontinently’ further demurrers erupt outside Vue cinema in Stratford Westfield from furious Muslims angry at’ impious’ Islamic film being screened despite Show and Cineworld both pulling movie. 

Show was the alternate cinema chain to pull The Lady of Heaven, a film about the son of the Prophet Muhammad, from its defenses history following an roar from protestors.

The£ 12million movie was released in the UK over the Jubilee weekend, but Cineworld latterly removed it from all branches’ to insure the safety of our staff and guests’ after workers faced crowds of protesters outside venues in Bradford, Bolton, Birmingham and Sheffield.

Meanwhile, Vue is defiantly continuing to show the film, saying it’ takes seriously the liabilities that come with furnishing a platform for a wide variety of content’ and believes in showcasing flicks of interest to different communities’.

Still, Muslim demonstrators entered Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, east London on Wednesday evening- where they chanted’ Take it down’ and demanded to speak with the cinema director.

In the footage, a protestor is heard claiming Vue’s director was’ dismissive’ when he’ spoke to him regarding the controversial film being screened at the cinema’.

He said’ We ask you all to go one- by- one or indeed two- by- two and say to this joe “ Are you apprehensive of the content? ” I tête-à-tête went to him and he was veritably dismissive and he’d a veritably arrogant station. So I ask you all one- by- one- we will bombard him by going to him hourly.

Why The Lady Of Heaven so controversial? How film touches on pressures between Sunnis and Shias

Controversial film Lady of Heaven has been banned from some playhouses in the UK after hundreds of Muslims protested against it. Large crowds appeared outside playhouses in Bradford, Bolton, Birmingham and Sheffield in recent days to call for the film to be pulled from theatres.

The film and its generators have been indicted of sacrilege for depicting Prophet Muhammad and his son Fatima. utmost seminaries of Islam ban any definition of the prophet as they believe it to be against the spirit of the religion, discourteous and encouraging of the deification of icons .

The film has also been indicted of inciting abomination between different sets in Islam. Created by Shias, it was nevertheless banned in Shia- maturity Iran with the government saying it was aimed at dividing Muslims. The Sunni side, which makes up 90 per cent of the global Muslim population, have indicted the film’s generators of designedly depicting an revolutionist Shia perspective of Islamic history to produce pressure.

Sunni Muslims are unhappy at the way that some of Islam’s holiest numbers are portrayed in the film, including the prophet’s third woman

Aisha and two of his closest companions. Abu Bakr and Omar, who were the first two caliphs and are seen as two of the holiest numbers among Sunnis, are depicted as deceitful, conniving and dishonest- characterisation that has caused significant wrathfulness among Sunnis.

Another complaint has been about how the companions, and Aisha, were portrayed by black actors, leading to allegations of racism. 5Pillars, an Islamic Media organisation, said’ utmost Muslims will find the vituperation against three of the most cherished companions of the Prophet Muhammad( pbuh) shocking and disgusting. But it’s also a deeply racist film with all the main negative characters being portrayed by black actors. What’s more, the film directly disrespects the Prophet( pbuh) by showing his face.’

There’s also wrathfulness at the pen of the film, Sheikh Yasser al- Habib, who’s a controversial figure in the Muslim world. A Kuwaiti Shia scholar grounded in London, he has preliminarily infuriated Sunni Muslims by calling Aisha, the third woman

of the Prophet Muhammad,’ an adversary of God’. The clergyperson was preliminarily jugged in Kuwait and had his citizenship stripped. elderly Iranian ministers have described him as a ‘ frenetic man ’ and indicted him of inflaming pressures between Sunnis and Shia.

Administrative patron Malik Shlibak said the film had gone to great lengths not to offend Muslims, adding that he was apprehensive the movie was including characters that are’ veritably holy for close to two billion people’.

Those who are wondering what’s wrong with this film, it’s a impious film and it has also disrespected black people. How have they disrespected the BAME community? They’ve shown portrayed black people as unprintable culprits and this film will be shown in Vue cinema.

We want this film to be taken down incontinently. Vue cinema have ignored.’

The group is them seen entering the centre holding signs and chanting ‘ Take it down ’.

It comes as Dame Sara Khan, an independent counsel to the Government on social cohesion and adaptability, has advised that the conciliation of’ religious mobs’ will undermine it.

She has criticised the failure of the Government and original councils to battle against the demurrers in recent days, adding that it’s important to understand what support Cineworld entered from politicians and police before it decided to cancel the wireworks.

In an composition for The Daily Telegraph, she wrote’ Over the times, leadership from original MPs, original authorities and central government in standing up and forcefully defending our popular values has unfortunately been lacking.

I’ve seen how original authorities and MPs have tried to assuage religious mobs or sit on the hedge in the stopgap that similar demurrers will disperse and frequently they’ve in the short- term.

But this is a failure of leadership and in the long- term has only galvanised religious monotheists who now know that by engaging in similar geste their unreasonable demands will be met.

It’ll undermine social cohesion and affect in a gradational corrosion of our popular values and principles.’

“She added that Cineworld had been’ bullied and bullied’ into the decision and described the move as a’ dangerous, slippery pitch’.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid also counted in on the contestation on Wednesday and said the cancellations were’ an incredibly dangerous road to go down’.

Speaking to TalkTV, he added’ I’m veritably concerned about the growing cancel culture in this country. There is people out there who suppose they’ve a right not to be offended and of course, no- bone has that right. You might not like what someone’s got to say, but they’ve a right to say it.’

Mr Javid also stressed that there’s no sacrilege law in the UK, saying’ What we’ve in this country is freedom of speech and expression and that’s a abecedarian value.’

Claire Fox, who sits in the House of Lords as Baroness Fox of Buckley, also took to Twitter to denounce the decision.

She said’ Same” I Find that Offensive” cancel culture arguments now being used far beyond lot activism.

Disastrous for the trades, dangerous for free speech, a assignment to those who argue identity politics are no trouble to republic.’

The movie’s administrative patron, Malik Shlibak, called the decision to pull it’ inferior’ and indicted the chain of’ bowing down to radical crazies’.

history he revealed he’d entered dispatches from activists telling him’ I am going to kill you’ on Twitter.

But he said he was not spooked by the pitfalls, which included him being called an’ individualist’, an obnoxious term relating to someone who’s treacherous to their own religion.

And he added the massive contestation girding its wireworks had been’ brilliant’ for the film and had brought in’ huge cult’.

He said’ I have had death pitfalls transferred to me, to be veritably foursquare with you, I have had death pitfalls for the last five times.

It’s nothing new because I am involved in this type of work where these revolutionaries do not what you to speak about anything they do not agree with. I do not worry about it- it’s just empty pitfalls.

‘ But I’ve had pitfalls on Twitter now, being called an’ individualist’ and with people saying,’ I am going to kill you’ and all this kind of thing.’


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