Security guard roles offering visa sponsorship across Canada

Security guard roles offering visa sponsorship across Canada
Security guard roles offering visa sponsorship across Canada

Canada offers many opportunities for security guards seeking visa sponsorship. In this guide, we will explore the various security guard job roles available that provide sponsorship across different provinces. 


Canada has a growing need for security professionals to protect individuals, businesses, and infrastructure. Many companies in Canada are willing to sponsor foreign workers for security guard positions due to shortages in the local labor market. Getting a visa-sponsored security guard job in Canada provides a stable career path with opportunities for professional growth.

There are different types of security jobs in Canada, ranging from basic security officer roles to more specialized positions like emergency response officers or loss prevention agents. Job duties and requirements vary depending on the employer and position. In this article, we focus specifically on entry-level security guard jobs that provide visa sponsorship for foreign applicants. These roles serve as a gateway for immigrants to gain a Canadian work permit and eventually qualify for permanent residency.

Security Guard Job Roles Offering Visa Sponsorship

Now let’s explore the different security guard job titles available with visa sponsorship across Canada:

Security Officer

Security officers, also called security guards, are the most common type of security personnel in Canada. They perform general security and safety duties like monitoring premises, controlling access, responding to alarms and incidents, writing reports, and more.

Security officer roles are available with visa sponsorship in all major cities across Canada including Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal among others. Companies seeking to fill these positions include major security firms like G4S, GardaWorld, and Securitas as well as private properties, office buildings, shopping malls, and event venues.

Protective Service Officer

Protective service officers, also known as PSOs, provide armed security and protection services. They are responsible for securing government buildings, embassies, critical infrastructure sites, and other high-risk facilities.

PSO roles requiring Canadian Armed Forces experience are available with visa sponsorship in Ontario, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area. Employers sponsoring foreign PSOs include large security companies and government agencies.

Loss Prevention Officer

Loss prevention officers, commonly called LPOs or asset protection associates, specialize in retail security, shoplifting prevention, and investigations. Their main duty is to protect the assets and merchandise of retail stores and outlets from internal and external theft.

Major Canadian retailers sponsor LPO positions across provinces. Target locations frequently offer LPO jobs with visa sponsorship in areas like Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax. Other sponsors include Best Buy, Loblaws, Canada Computers, and Walmart stores.

Emergency Response Officer

Emergency response officers, or EROs, are highly trained security personnel who provide emergency aid, first response services, and critical incident management. They handle medical emergencies, fires, hazardous materials incidents, and other crisis scenarios.

ERO roles requiring advanced first aid/CPR certification are sponsored for foreign hiring in Alberta, particularly in Calgary and Edmonton. Major oil & gas companies and industrial sites typically hire EROs from abroad on work permits leading to permanent residence.

Security Supervisor

Security supervisors oversee security operations and frontline security guard teams. They are responsible for staff scheduling, training, performance management, policy implementation, and incident command.

Supervisory security roles are sponsored across Canada, especially in larger cities. Requirements typically include 2-5 years of experience as a security officer and management/leadership qualifications. Employers sponsoring foreign supervisors include major security firms, airports, seaports, hospitals, and universities.

Requirements for Security Jobs Offering Visa Sponsorship

Now that we’ve covered the main security guard roles available with sponsorship let’s outline some common requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED equivalent – Most entry-level security positions just require basic education qualifications.
  • Security guard license – Applicants must obtain the relevant Canadian security license for the province they will work in. Licensing courses and exams are available to foreign applicants.
  • Language skills – Employers prefer applicants fluent in English and/or French. A language test like IELTS or TOEFL may be required as proof of proficiency.
  • Clean background check – Criminal records and background checks are mandatory for security roles. Applicants must not have any serious criminal convictions.
  • Relevant credentials – Experience requirements vary by role. Protective service and emergency response jobs demand Canadian Forces experience, first aid/CPR certifications, etc.
  • Good physical health – Applicants must meet medical standards for the position and pass physical fitness tests involving cardio, strength, and agility components.
  • Eligible to work in Canada – Companies will only sponsor candidates who qualify for a Canadian temporary work permit leading to permanent residence.

Meeting these baseline requirements is crucial to gaining consideration from employers willing to sponsor foreign applicants for security guard roles. Preparing documents early helps speed up work permit processing times.

Security Guard Job Application Process

Now let’s take a step-by-step look at how to successfully apply for a visa-sponsored security guard position in Canada:

Research open roles – Thoroughly explore job boards and individual company career sites for available security officer, loss prevention, protective service, and emergency response jobs offering sponsorship.

Prepare documents – Gather transcripts, resume, police clearance, language test scores, credentials, and other supporting documents to include with your job application package.

Apply directly – Most companies have an online application portal. Fill out the forms thoroughly with details of your qualifications, eligibility to work in Canada, and interest in relocating.

Screening process – Expect initial screening of documents followed by phone/video interviews to assess language, customer service skills, and suitability for the role.

Job offer – If successful, the employer will issue a formal offer letter and initiation of LMIA or job bank job approval process for work permit sponsorship.

Work permit application – Work with the employer to submit your application for a temporary Canada work permit under the LMIA or the job approval number you received.

Medical & security clearances – Additional documentation like a medical exam or enhanced security clearance may be required before a final work permit decision.

Arrival in Canada – Upon receiving your work permit approval, coordinate relocation logistics and obtain the necessary provincial licenses to start your sponsored security guard job!

Permanent residency pathway – Continue employment for 1-2 years to meet eligibility criteria for Express Entry permanent residence programs like Canadian Experience Class.

The entire process may take 6-12 months from initial application to receiving a work permit. Strong documentation and timely responses are key to success. An immigration consultant can provide invaluable guidance.

Popular Provinces for Security Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Now let’s dive deeper into the top provinces recruiting foreign security guards on work permits:

Ontario – Home to Canada’s financial hub of Toronto, Ontario has the highest demand nationwide. Major security roles in high-rises, transport infrastructure, healthcare, and government.

Alberta – Alberta’s flourishing oil & gas industry drives the need for EROs, supervisors, and site security. Calgary and Edmonton host energy corporations are sponsoring foreign hires.

British Columbia – Vancouver is a booming tech and film production center requiring event security, loss prevention officers, and armed PSOs across multiple industries.

Quebec – Montreal is a cultural and economic powerhouse. Roles exist across provinces in French and bilingual settings, including airports, seaports, and healthcare.

Nova Scotia – As an Atlantic hub, Nova Scotia sees opportunities in Halifax for port, transportation, and government security roles sponsored by Canadian agencies.

While other provinces like Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick offer limited security job vacancies, the above 5 provinces dominate the landscape for visa-sponsored positions and opportunities for permanent settlement. Applicants should focus job searches within these robust regional economies.

Transitioning from Security Guard to Permanent Residence

For sponsored security guards interested in ultimately obtaining Canadian permanent residence, the following programs provide the clearest pathways:

Canadian Experience Class – With one year of continuous skilled work experience, security officers can qualify for permanent residence under this popular federal economic immigration program.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program – Alberta prioritizes immigration applications of foreign workers with jobs offered for at least one year. This helps security staff already employed in Alberta.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program – Security roles in Ontario for over one year also help meet eligibility for this powerful provincial nomination stream.

Quebec Experience Program – Security supervisors with two years’ worth of work experience in Quebec can gain selection for permanent residence in the province.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot – Nova Scotia supports immigration applications of foreign skilled workers employed full-time for one year in Atlantic Canada.

By ensuring compliance with provincial license requirements and performing their duties diligently, sponsored security guards position themselves for a smooth transition to permanent residency and Canadian citizenship down the road. This provides long-term stability for their families.

Requirements to Transfer a Canadian Work Permit

As circumstances change, sponsored security professionals may desire to transfer their work permit to a new employer in Canada. Here are the typical requirements:

  • Must have maintained lawful immigration status without any breaches of conditions throughout employment
  • Cannot exceed the maximum duration allowed for their work permit category (typically two years)
  • Remain eligible for the same NOC occupation code on the new work permit
  • Obtain a new LMIA or job approval from the new Canadian employer for the same or very similar full-time job
  • Provide documents showing education/credentials match the job requirements
  • Submit an application for work permit transfer, including copies of current and new job offers
  • Pay applicable application processing fees to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
  • Grant of a new open work permit if the transfer is approved

The transfer process ensures the continuity of lawful work authorization. It allows sponsored migrant security guards suitable job flexibility without needing to leave Canada and re-apply from abroad when switching employers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now let’s address some commonly asked questions:

Is it difficult to get a security job in Canada as a foreign worker?

While competition exists, your chances are strong if you diligently research open roles, prepare complete documentation, and highlight transferable skills on par with Canadian requirements. Expressing a commitment to Canadian values also helps. Sponsoring employers aim to recruit dedicated, career-minded individuals.

What is the salary range for security jobs in Canada?

Entry-level security officers typically earn $15-22 per hour depending on location, experience level, license grade, etc. Salaries increase with promotions to supervisory roles. Overtime pay and benefits are commonly offered. Average household incomes are higher than in many source countries.

How do I find reputable Canadian security companies open to sponsorship?

Major firms like G4S, GardaWorld, Securitas, Allied Universal, Akal, and IPC regularly recruit foreign workers. Additionally, search provincial job banks, immigration portals, and careers sections of energy firms and retailers, and utilize immigration-focused job boards or recruiters. Thorough scouting will yield opportunities.

Can I bring my spouse/children on a work permit in Canada?

In most cases yes – a closed work permit holder’s spouse and dependent children under 19 can apply to join them in Canada on open work permits allowing secondary authorization to work any job. This helps families reunite faster while navigating permanent residence applications together.

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What Canadian cities offer the most security opportunities with sponsorship?

Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver host the largest volume and variety of security roles open to sponsored foreign hires. However, choice provincial destinations like Edmonton, Halifax, and Ottawa also welcome security immigrants annually through diverse sponsoring sectors. Major urban economic hubs are the most accommodating.

Apply Here

Are you interested in starting your Canadian security career with visa sponsorship? Carefully research open roles using the following application portals: – Canadian federal job bank listing LMIA-supported vacancies across industries – Alberta energy industry job portal for roles including EROs – Criminal Justice Institute of Nova Scotia career center featuring port security jobs

You can also check individual company websites or connect directly with a recruiting representative for further assistance. Stay persistent and highlight your qualifications for the Canadian labor market. Immigration specialists may also assist at certain stages of the process.

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